Weil Studio

Weil Studio will work on any design idea that could incorporate photographs into architecture and interior design. Furniture, lighting and installations of all sizes are possible. Collaboration with the client is an integral aspect of a Weil Studio process. Every project reflects an interweaving of the client’s ideas with Weil’s aesthetic. 

Every image produced at Weil Studio is created by Amanda Weil. She is a photographer who uses a range of techniques to create her imagery. The studio has developed unique processes by which imagery does not deteriorate within the large scale conditions of architectural environments. Weil Studio has locations in New York City and Oakland, California.

Material Specifications

The photographic glass is a laminate with a film interlayer. The glass can have any level of opacity, as well as a range of thicknesses. Samples are supplied for approval before the outset of production.


Weil Studio prices are wholesale. A deposit is required to initiate design. The balance is due in full prior to delivery.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation made after 10 working days from receipt of deposit will be subject to a cancellation fee. Orders can not be cancelled after production has begun.


To receive regular updates on our newest installations, send an email to updates@weilstudio.com.